Moon & Stars @ Johnson's Mound  LbNA # 35516

Placed DateJun 2 2007
LocationElburn, IL
Planted ByScoutingRox    
Found By Illinois travelers
Last Found Jun 27 2011
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Moon & Stars

(Appropriate for 8+ years old)

1-Find the lone star in the middle of the meadow...
this is where your journey begins.

2-Jettison yourself up the hill.

3-Pass the milky way house on your way.

4-Once you reach the top of the kame,
rotate until you find the man on the moon.

5-Follow his gaze until you become sheltered.

6-Exit towards the stone steps but do not follow them up,
find the stone steps that reach downward instead.

7-If you follow the steps down into the depths
the path will lead you to the moon & stars...
find the wishbone & you'll find your mark
where you can wish upon the stars.

(If the path narrows, you've gone too far.)