Hero Memorial @ Johnson's Mound  LbNA # 35517

Placed DateJun 2 2007
LocationElburn, IL
Planted ByScoutingRox    
Found By The 3 MO's
Last Found Jul 26 2008
Hike Distance?

Hero Memorial

(Appropriate for 8+ years old)

1-From the part entrance, follow your path past the open
meadow until you come to the fork in the road and take
the left path.

2-Pass the family of trees with twins clinging to the large
mother as the eldest child departs.

3-Pass the dead tree pointing to the heavens through the

4-At the second fork, take the path with the blocked way.

5-Next pass a mother tree weeping for her son that was lost
in battle. His monument stands across the path where she

6-As you continue notice the stormy battlefield where fallen
comrades lie... Several severed trees surround the path:
wounded still-standing tall soldiers bordering the field.
Take time to remember those who have sacrificed their
lives for our safety: our soldiers.

7-Continue until you encounter two tall dead tree trunks
that will serve as your entrance to the altar tree,
honoring those who have fallen.

8-Approach the altar until you find "In God We Trust"
emblazoned upon it.

9-Examine the altar further and find the secret hiding
place. Remove the cover and there you'll find the
treasure: "Our American Flag", the greatest tribute to
honor those who serve our country.