Happy Cat Trail - Cheswick Park  LbNA # 35520

Placed DateJun 8 2006
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By Em dad & daughter
Last Found Jul 2 2008
Hike Distance?

Stand with Your back to the play area
Take the path to the left and follow it
Walk on the wooden pathway and cross footbridge and river
Turn immediately to right and follow path along the river
Past a very large pine curving slightly to the right
Past another very large oak tree
Up ahead you will see a small bended tree, forms a slight arch over the path
On left after that is a bundle of logs. From first large stump, walk 8 paces
Look left at old bark covering the log. You'll find the first box, watch out for the frogs.
Back on the path, continue on your way and turn left onto a gravel path
Turn left onto paved path (past a cut down tree marked with orange paint)
Past 2 V-shaped trees on your left, the path curves to the left
Then turn immediately to right onto another gravel path
Pass by the cut logs on your left and the picnic bench too
Another V-shape tree to your left. Up to the Chestnut Oak sign on your left
See the V-shape tree up ahead. Pass by the tree in middle of the path
Go past the oak tree on the right side, the path curves to the right
Walk 14 paces and then look left to the old fallen down tree
On the other side of the tree stump you will find the last box.