The Happy Birthday Trail - Cheswick Park  LbNA # 35521

Placed DateJun 8 2006
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By Bobfoot
Last Found Oct 11 2007
Hike Distance?

Stand with your back to the parking area, facing water tap in front of the restrooms
Take paved trail to the right of the restrooms
Cross wooden bridge with handrails (see Black Willow sign to left of bridge)
At end of bridge on left is an oak tree, turn immediately left onto a small trail alongside the stream
Be Careful, it slopes downwards, has tree roots and can be a bit sludgy
Walk this trail until you reach the rocks in the middle of the river
Use the rocks to help you cross the river, be careful please!
Once across, follow the dirt trail, it becomes a gravel path which slopes uphill
At intersection with paved path, turn right and then immediately left onto another gravel path
See large cut logs on your left, count about 33 paces along the path
See large tree on your left, split into a V-shape
Once you see this tree, count 25 more paces on the path
Face left and see an oak tree that has moss growing around it and a hole at the base – here you will find your first birthday cake stamp – enjoy it

Facing the hole in this tree, look right and walk to the pine tree you can see
Facing the pine, stand with your back to the oak tree
Turn right and walk 17 paces to another large oak
Facing oak, look left and through the trees you should see some large fallen logs – walk to them
Stand on the first large fallen log with your back still to the oak tree
Turn left and walk along the fallen log (be careful of the holly bush)
Look down to the ground on the right, your next cake should be in sight – two down, one to go!

Face the paved path nearby, walk to it, turn right and go towards the bridge
Just before you reach the bridge, turn right onto the sandy riverbed – follow it –
Be Careful, it may be sludgy
Make lots of croaking frog sounds
Where the stream forks, go right, still on the sandy riverbed
Walk 30 paces, then look to your left
See the 3 Sister Trees curving close to each other
At the curve of their bases, you’ll find the last of your birthday surprises
Be Careful, the banks are steep – ask someone for help to clamber up!
Sing Happy Birthday song when you find the last stamp