The Lovely Butterfly Boxes - Cheswick Park  LbNA # 35522

Placed DateJun 8 2006
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By Princess Dierdre
Last Found Oct 14 2007
Hike Distance?


Facing the parking area, find the man walking sign that says “1 MI”
Turn left, walk up the paved path next to the parked cars (on your right)
Past a hiker man sign and the “Lifecourse Start” sign – both on the right
Cross over the bridge
Note the pullup bars on the right (remember how many there are!)
Next, go past the situp thingy on the right
At the fork in the path, if there was an even number of pullup bars, turn left
OR if there was an odd number of pullup bars, turn right
Count exercise rings on the right (remember how many, count the one that is missing too!)
Follow the gravel path
Note the tree with three trunks on your right
Just before you reach the footbridge, fallen logs to your right
Turn right, walk 18 paces
A fallen log in a Y-shape to your left – it is lying on the ground
Between the fork of the Y is where the first box will be found
Rejoin the path and back to the footbridge again
Past “.75 mile” sign
Continue along, keep right
At the top of the hill, past the funny wooden thingy
Further down the path, at the bend in the path, find an oak tree with a faint yellow spot
If there were an even number of exercise rings, turn left on the path OR if there were an odd number of rings, turn right onto the dirt trail
Past the exercise bars to your left, 2 pine trees you’ll see
Facing them, you should turn left and see a tree divided in three
Walk towards the old tree and give him a hug. After all, this trail is all about love.
The final box you will see hidden right in the tree.