The Starlight Trail - Cheswick Park  LbNA # 35524

Placed DateJun 8 2006
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By EllBee
Last Found Apr 19 2009
Hike Distance?

Start at the party table next to the restrooms
Walk down path – play area should be on your left, party area on your right
Come to a cross shape intersection in the path, take the right path
Past the American Holly sign on the left
Turn left onto the bridge
Past the Black Willow sign as you cross stream
Before the path curves again, look up at the tree in front of you to see a wasp or hornet’s nest
Keep left on the dirt path and pass 2 V shape trees and a picnic table on your left. Keep left
Then walk 5 paces and look to the right
See a great gnarly old tree with a plump base, it has a fallen log lying there too
Look under and see, this gnarly old tree has something from me
Sit down on the cut log in front of it and face away from the tree
Walk about 9 paces to the next dirt trail you see
Turn left (away from picnic table), past broken logs to your right
At the fork in the path, keep to the left
At the next fork in the path, take another left
Before you reach the river, turn left into a dirt trail hidden by bushes
Walk a little way, then carefully bend under the tree branch hanging over the path
Immediately you see a Y-shaped fallen tree lying next to the trail
Look left to see a moth eaten old tree, the bark fallen off
Walk to this tree, at the base is the last of the Starlight Trail boxes
Follow the path as it curves the left and climb over the fallen log. You will find yourself close to where you started. Turn right to go towards the playground and picnic area.