Cody Trail: Wall Drug  LbNA # 35529 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateSep 26 2007
LocationLong Grove, IA
Found By The Time Travellers
Last Found Apr 5 2008
Hike Distance?

The first time my lovely wife and I drove out to visit my parents in Oregon we had our first born daughter with us . . . lil skeeter was just 6 weeks old.

We drove home via the northern route and started noticing signs for Wall Drug somewhere in Montana. After hundreds and hundreds of miles the signs for Wall Drug increase several fold.

Once you get within a hundred mile radius the signs are practically on top of each other.

We still to this day laugh when we see a bumper sticker for Wall Drug.

Wouldn't you know that there is a Wall Drug sign right here in Long Grove, Iowa?

Just follow the signs, its just 755 miles away!!

As you come into Long Grove you will see the giant sign and arrow pointing the way to Wall Drug -- this is on the corner of Cadda Rd and 1st Street.

Head a couple blocks north on 1st street and you will see Heritage Park, a few benches and a gazebo is just about all the park has to offer.

Sit on the bench that's there in memory of Shirely Loussaert, as you sit on the bench over your right shoulder behind the garbage can. The box sits on the ground at the base of the tree under needles and leaves.

Please be extra discreet in this public place and re-cover the box so that it's completely out of sight.