Brown Lake Bog  LbNA # 35532 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 22 2007
LocationShreve, OH
Planted ByQuattling    
Found By Troop 210 Daisies
Last Found Apr 6 2008
Hike Distance?

***Bring your bug spray**** The 'skeeters were really thick here!

Starting in the town named for the revolutionary war general, David Wooster, find the US Route named for Abe Lincoln. If you take the number of Abe’s road and divide it by 10, you will find out the number of the State Route you need to find intersecting it. Take this road South from Wooster. You will pass through Springville, a very small burg, and then Craigton. Just south of Craigton, watch to the right for the Quonset hut house and you’ll know you’re in the area now. The 1st main road to cross Rt 3 south of Craigton is Funky, Look for the funky road by the red barn. A sign for DC Stone helps you find it. Turn left onto the funky road. (From Wooster, 9.5 Mi)

This road snakes around a bit and you will come upon Aylesworth Road. (0.8 mi) Follow the funky road to the right. You will pass a large gas pipe connection on the left within chain link fence. Continue past this to Brown Road. (0.7 mi) Turn left on Brown Road and go up the hill. At the top of the hill, the bog in on the right. (1 mi)
Pull in and park. Read about the history on the plaque mounted on the stone. Then look for the opening in the split rail fence. Go thru the opening and follow the trail down the steps. There is great flora and fauna to see as you walk. This path changes from stone to dirt with roots so watch your step and then to a boardwalk. You will walk on a boardwalk for a little while and come to a sign that says “trail loop ½ mi” With an arrow pointing the direction to go. Follow this new path onto another boardwalk. At the end of the boardwalk, where the path turns back to dirt walk approx 45 paces till you see a tree with a small diamond shaped sign that says trail. This sign is about 2” x 2 “ and is green and white. The path in front of you kind of horseshoes from right to left. Go about another 15 paces or so. You will see as you walk 2 large trees that have fallen. At the end of your pacing, you see the bottom of these trees to your left and there is a small path leading to the base of the trees.

Take 13 steps to the base of the fallen tree. The base is on your left and the box is against the inside wall of the stump in the ground. It is hidden by small piece of broken wood that is lying on top of it. Remove it and find the box. Fill out as normal and be sure to replace the box and the cover wood after you finish. From here you can go back the 13 paces to the larger trail and either backtrack to your right, or continue on to the left. This trail loops back around and will bring you to where the trail loop sign was. Return to your vehicle and again, you can either backtrack to the left the way you came, or for a small adventure, you can continue on to the right. At the 1st road to the left, turn left. This is Aylesworth Road again. Follow it along and it will make a sharp turn to the left. At this point there is a large field to your right that is sometimes loaded with wild deer. Past that you will see the US government earthen dam crossing the road. Kind of interesting!

This road stops at Funk road where you made your 1st turn coming in. Go straight and you end up at Rt 3 at the red barn again.

Good luck and enjoy.