8 Laws of Health  LbNA # 35534 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 26 2007
LocationOrlando, FL
Planted ByThe SZ Team    
Found By Terras4TheHunt
Last Found Nov 25 2007
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8 Laws of Health

Lake Downey is a well known park in East Orlando. It has activities for all ages, from playgrounds, water pad, fishing docks, picnic tables, sand volleyball, baseball fields, dog park, among others. Full of beautiful trees and nature all around.

Once you drive into the park get to the parking lot closest to the water pad. Then your journey starts by foot. Take a big breath of fresh AIR, then locate a round about with 4 palm trees in it. You will see a water fountain on the right, take a sip of fresh WATER. Then you will have to choose between the 4 sidewalks, pick the one that will take you away from the water pad. Before you get to a building take the sidewalk going towards the right. Run down and you will see a huge tree on your left. Stop, enjoy and think of what a wonderful GOD we have and all the blessings He has bestowed upon you! Proceed on the sidewalk until it ends and the kid's fun spot begins. Stop right there and turn around giving your back to the playground. Look in front of you and walk towards the adult's exercise place. Once you get there take a few minutes to get fit and do some EXERCISE. After a little sweat... face the dog park and look to your right you will see a solitary picnic table. Get there, sit down, REST, get some SUNLIGHT and enjoy a NUTRITIOUS snack such as a fresh fruit or the like, but don't eat too much, be TEMPERANT . Once you are done, sit facing the lake and take around 35 steps towards it. You will see some trees. VICTORY is holding what you are looking for. And congratulations you just experienced the 8 laws of health and got a NEW START (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Trust in God, Air, Rest, and Temperance).

The SZ Team