the letterbox of justice by spider pig  LbNA # 35548 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 25 2007
Locationgilbert, AZ
Planted BySpider Pig    
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Hike Distance?

First, go to crossroads park, near the underpass by Ray rd and Greenfield.
Keep going until you see a sign that says Crossroads park on the right. Go to the bridge down the hill. Look forward. You will see a baseball field. Walk over to the playground with the tic,tac,toe game. Look to the left until you see a ramp. In front of it is a bush about 5 feet tall. They might have trimmed it by now. OK, were kinda getting off subject here. Look under the bush, you will see a gold and red Altoids box. It kinda hurts, but reach under the bush, and pull out the Altoids box.

Please bring a pen and a water bottle, because our box won't hold a pen and the drinking fountain is broken.

Please write in the date and where you're from.


That's It! Bye!