A Good Book  LbNA # 35559 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBunny Trail    
Placed DateSep 27 2007
LocationOregon, OH
Found By taquemeaway
Last Found May 31 2014
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Welcome Stranger to our fair land. Here adventure and great things await you. To enter our fair land you need to evacuate yourself from your current premise and head to the Oregon Public Library. Enter this fair building for the Road named Dustin. Park your chariot on the left side of the parking lot (the side you entered on.) Park by the row of evergreens, the evergreen tree is the favorite tree of Aslan. From here, cross the lot (PLEASE BE CAREFUL! THE DRIVERS COMING IN CAN BE CRAZY!) From here, take the path that runeth past the curvy bike stand. Continue on your current path till you reach a path of brick which is all that remains of the road to Cair Paraval.
On this brick road, you must locate all to the names of our great Kings and Queens. The first name you shall come upon is that of our king Edmund the Just (Margaret & ED Danziger). Next you shall come to the name of our High King. King Peter the Magnificent (PETER John Seneik and Peggy Peterson Seneik) then you shall turn toward the left and find if you look hard enough the name of our youngest queen; Queen Lucy the Valiant (Virgil A & Anna LOU). Once again you must head toward the left and find the last name; that of our Queen Susan the Gentle (Marilee McSweeny, Judy Monaghan, SUSAN Rice, Diane Schlageter, Jane Yenrick.).Exiting the road, you must follow the curve in the path to the Blue sign (handicap) erected in honor our first king, King Frank. Follow the walk way along the edges of the Western Wood. Its western most boarder is lined by three trees erected in honor of the three gifts from Father Christmas. At the last of the trees you should be able to look westward (across the parking lot) and see the lamp post. It is marked with a black band across it made when the witch was queen. Carefully cross the road (ONCE AGAIN PLEASE BE CAREFULL AS THIS IS A PARKING LOT A PEOPLE COME THROUGH HERE VERY QUICKLY.) Standing with your your back against the lamppost walk 35 pace directly in a straight line from the lamp post. From this position you will be between two pine trees which were made to guard the entrance of Narnia you are about to find. These trees signify the twins Cor and Corrin, some of the greatest protectors of Narnia and the founders of this portal. Directly ahead should see a wall of leafy evergreen trees with a small cave like opening, inside here you will find Narnia…

Please be careful as this is a public place and we want to keep Narnia a secret. Use your best stealth while you searching for this magical land. PLEASE be careful in the parking lot because at times its really busy and people don’t drive 15 MPH so it can be dangerous.

The story this letter box is based on is The Lion, The Witch , and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. It’s about 4 children who are evacuated from their home in London to a old house. This house happens to hold the magical wardrobe which leads to Narnia. Here they must free Narnia from the clutches of the evil White Witch. With Aslan’s help they free Narnia of its hundred year’s winter and rule as kings and queens during the golden age of Narnia. Please, if the library is open come in and check this book out you won’t regret it. Also re-hide the box carefully so others can have the same fun.

Sincerely~ Jacque the talking rabbit