Recycled Skycar  LbNA # 35561

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OwnerMooky & Dipper      
Placed DateSep 28 2007
LocationWhitesburg, GA
Found ByRoad Junkies
Last UpdateNov 7 2008


Recycled Skycar is a recycled letterbox from a postal ring called "My Dream Car". I decided to release it back into the wild, instead of collect dust in my closet.

When the Pow-Wow isn't in town, there is a field which commonly used for operating model airplanes. Skycar was trying to takeoff in this field and crashed into a tree! Just past the northwest end of the field, there is a fallen tree indicating the end of the River Trail. Backtrack your way upstream 50 steps. The tree you are looking for is halfway between the trail and the river.

If you have mechanical issues with this vehicle, contact MookyDipper, and Mooky will get out there ASAP to get it flying again.