Act like a kid  LbNA # 35571 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 28 2007
LocationEvansville, IN
Planted Bybawa    
Found By The Bee Keepers
Last Found Aug 24 2009
Hike Distance?

Scott Township Park is a hidden treasure! It is located off of Schlensker Road in Northern Vanderburgh County. When you turn into the park, follow the paved road until you reach the playground area, on your right. There is a small parking area here. We suggest you park and get out and head to the slide! If you're brave enough, slide down but if you're not, then stand at the end and look straight ahead, across the gravel lane. You will see a tree with a birdhouse directly in front of you past the swing set. Head towards the birdhouse. There is a tree directly behind this tree and if you follow the base around to the back you'll find a treasure beneath some sticks. While you're there, check out "off the fishing dock". It has been recently replaced! Have fun, and you might even want to hike a trail or two! Thia park is a real treasure.