What Kind of Days?  LbNA # 35588

Placed DateSep 29 2007
LocationTrempealeau, WI
Found By sparky's crew
Last Found May 7 2016
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Welcome to the beautiful Village of Trempealeau. Each year we celebrate the biggest event in town, _______________ Days. The _____________ is a staple of the Mississippi River for both recreational and commercial purposes. There are over 3,000 species, but in this part of the Mississippi you will find two main types, the channel and the flathead (which routinely reaches 30 lbs).
Still don’t know what kind of days we celebrate here in Trempealeau? Follow these directions to find out.

There is a state park in Trempealeau named after a famous French fur trader. For this adventure you will want to take First Street along the Mississippi River to the park. There is a fee for Wisconsin state parks ($7 a day or $25 for a year pass).

Park in the first lot after the ranger station. There are several picnic tables and a pit toilet. Cross the road and enter the woods where it is marked “Bluff Trail”. There is a sign informing you about the Bluff. You can visit the Bluff on another adventure. Turn right and note the sign saying it is a Natural Terrain Trail.

At the fork in the path take the Ridge Trail going up some stone steps. Your first checkpoint is a bench and map. The map has a number on the post. Write this down or remember it. You will need it later on _______. Continuing on your way, you see that the ski trail and the hiking trail briefly combine here. Keep hiking. On your left you will see some wooden steps and a sign for the Ridge Trail. Up you go!!

At the top of the Ridge, rest on the bench to catch your breathe. You are at 500 feet altitude. Get up and keep going. On your journey, you will descend some stone steps and pass a sandstone rock formation that has been carved on by some unsavory mugglers.

At long last you will reach another intersection with the ski trail. Here there is a map and a bench. While standing at the park map, take a compass reading of 22 X _____ (number from the previous map) = _________ degrees. Walk 5 X ______ (same number from the previous map) = __________ paces in that direction.

You will come to a broken tree lying next to its broken trunk. Find your prize tucked into the broken part of the tree lying on the ground not far from the trunk. Enjoy and please replace well.

After claiming your prize, continue down the Ridge Trail. You will cross a road, come to a historical marker, and join another trail, but stay on Ridge and you will come to your vehicle.

The loop takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours. There is some difficult terrain going up the Ridge itself, however the hike is beautiful!
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