More Than Meets the Eye (Garou)  LbNA # 35590 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 29 2007
LocationDayville, CT
Planted ByGarou    
Found By RHAJ519
Last Found Jun 2 2009
Hike Distance?

A nice walk on wide paths.

Our favorite cybertronians are hiding in Owen Bell Park in Dayville, CT! One way to get there is to travel on I- 395 take exit 93. Take a right off the ramp coming from north, a left coming from south. Quickly see the sign for the park on your right. Take the right, then a quick left into the parking lot. Park near the playscape. Head towards the highway, going around the lake either to your right or left. You are aiming for the trail that runs parallel to the highway, going up past the volleyball court. Pass through the building and veer right. Keep going straight, past a campfire area on the right. There will be a wooden post with paths on your left - ignore them, go straight. Near a stone wall, the trail curves. Follow it down, keeping to your right. When the path becomes a V, go right on the more woodsy path. Follow this path, and when it branches again go to your right. You will pass a big pine bent like a bow, and there will be a vernal area on your left. Before you get to the big embankment, you will see a good sized rock sitting on the right of the path. A few feet behind it is a big double trunked pine tree. From this tree take a reading of 300 degrees. Walk 14 steps towards a big 3 sister pine. Behind this pine, embraced by rocks and roots, hide the Autobots. Please cover and rehide well.

This can be a busy area, so please be discreet and rehide well. You may also want to look for the other boxes in this park at the same time. Enjoy!