Prehistoric Fish at Spanish Point  LbNA # 35591

OwnerYa Ya Mommy    
Placed DateSep 29 2007
LocationOsprey, FL
Found Bycodysix
Last UpdateFeb 4 2010


Prehistoric Fish at Spanish Point

Historic Spanish Point ( is a museum on Little Sarasota Bay. Your tour will take you through the four P's -- Prehistoric, Pioneer, Palmer, and Plants.

This letterbox is named after the first "P" as in Prehistoric. Early Floridians fished here for food and then buried the fish bones on middens or shell mounds.

The letterbox is located in an area of the park representing the second "P" as in Pioneer days.

Grab a map from the visitor's center. From the parking area, follow the map to Mary's Chapel. Face the chapel. The letterbox is hidden under the first step, right hand side.

Originally built in 1894, Mary's Chapel is a lovely, quiet place. I imagine fellow letterboxers stamping-in while sitting inside the chapel.

Note: We placed this box on Museum Day -- free admission. Normal admission fee $7-9. The walking trail covers about a mile, round trip, and includes nice views of Little Sarasota Bay, and of course the aforementioned four P's.