Flight 1007  LbNA # 35619

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OwnerThe Great Wuga Wuga    
Placed DateOct 6 2007
CountySanta Fe
LocationSanta Fe, NM
Found ByPI Joe
Last UpdateSep 20 2014


This box debuted at the Santa Fe SPOOKtacular Letterboxing Event on October 6, 2007. Box and stamp most generously provided by funhog. Box placed by The Great Wuga Wuga.

Driving directions: Drive approximately 8 miles up the road which leads to the Santa Fe Ski Area. Continue on, past a building on the right that is a visitor info center. Then turn right onto the Main Campground Loop. Drive to Group Shelter 2 and park nearby. Hike up the driveway toward Group Shelter 2. Continue on, through the 3 wooden posts. Follow signs on trail for Circle Trail and Visitor Center. Shortly you will see another sign for the Circle Trail and the Waterfall Trail - take the Waterfall Trail all the way to its end at the falls. Make sure that when you are looking at the falls, you are on the trail to the RIGHT hand side of the creek. (This trail may not be as obvious as the trail to the left of the creek. There is a crossing over the stream just upstream from where 2 very straight pine trees flank either side of the trail - this is downstream from the falls a bit where you are just beginning to see that you're at the falls.) From the end of the trail on the RIGHT side of the falls, turn around and notice a tall tree covered in long vertical streaks of sap. From here, walk back down the trail about 33 paces. You will see a large tree on the right side of the trail with boulders butted up against it. Look on the downhill side to find the large tree roots emerging from under the lower boulder. Look under rocks among roots.

One mile or less round trip, uphill all the way to the falls.