Sun Tran Letterbox  LbNA # 35622 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Pink Ladies    
Placed DateSep 23 2007
LocationTucson, AZ
Found By Baqash
Last Found Jan 20 2009
Hike Distance?

This box has been recarved and replanted in a new location as of Nov 1, 2008.
This box was replaced June 14, 2008.

Sun Tran is Tucson's award-winning regional public transportation system that services more than 17 million passenger trips each year. If you've never been on a Sun Tran bus before, than this letterbox hunt is perfect for you. Sun Tran operates 38 fixed routes with a fleet of 199 coaches and serves the City of Tucson and portions of Pima County.

To find the letterbox, make your way to the Sun Tran Park and Ride just East of Kolb Road on Golf Links. Park anywhere in the Park & Ride lot. Then head to the Ramada. Once you reach the ramada head North-East to the large mesquite tree just beyond the hedge. At the base of the tree you will find the treasure you seek under the typical rock caran.

Move rocks carefully as you never know where a snake or scorpion might choose to rest.

There are benches at the ramada so take a seat to do your stamping. Rehide carefully.