Placed DateSep 30 2007
LocationWarrensburg, MO
Found By Mouse Medley
Last Found Oct 20 2007
Hike Distance?


When you get to Warrensburg you need to find a street that has half the name of the town and go south on it. Stay on that road and along the way watch for “Welcome to Warrensburg” signs that will help you figure out the real name of the lake area you seek. You will see at least 3 signs along the way that assure you that you are traveling in the right direction.

When you get to the lake you can go two directions around it, take the one that isn’t right.
You will see a picnic area with plenty of room to park. This is one spot the geese like to hang out so bring your bread, they love it. When you look east from the picnic table you will see a sign that rhymes with gulp. Go closer and you will see a trail sign too.

There are two trails here, choose the one that is right this time. Go 140 paces and you will see a bald tree on your left. Keep going and keep your eye out for the two trees with holes at the bottom, keep going it’s not in one of those. Soon you will come to a small bridge and shortly after it the trail will split, this time stay with the one closest to the creek or creek bed, depending on the time of year.

Keep walking until there is a GREAT place to cross the creek (it will be obvious). At the very beginning of the crossing look under your feet and you will find the letterbox of “Roaring Lake” You may want to pick up a long stick along the way to help you get it out and ensure there are no snakes or critters by it, it also might help you put it back out of sight. This is a wooded area so keep your eyes open; we have seen lots of lizards and a couple of deer. It is also a popular place for joggers and walkers so be discreet of others.

Thanks for searching for the Roaring Lake Letterbox.