ZIG ZAG  LbNA # 35638

Placed DateSep 29 2007
LocationNovato, CA
Planted ByBIGDINO    
Found By fleetwood7
Last Found May 3 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is located in Novato in the Rush Creek area. From 101 North take the Atherton/San Marin exit, go East on Atherton until you reach Saddlewood Drive. Turn left until you reach 120 Saddlewood and park in the lot across the street. While standing in the lot, find the curb that makes a "U". Stand at the "U" and face the hill with the "zig zag" trail. Start up the hill and count 8 sharp turns, the 9th turn is near the top of the hill and is a large half-circle. after the 9th turn, the trail straightens out, you will find a tree with a branch that forms an arch and touches the ground. Stand at the end of the arch and continue down the trail. Walk the trail counting your steps. Depending on your size you will reach the letterbox tree in about 60 to 70 steps. The tree is on your left side near the trail. Find the piece of wood that does not belong and underneath you will find the treasure box.

This is a hybrid letterbox and cache. Take a treasure if you wish but be sure to replace it with one of your own!