Sprignet  LbNA # 35669

Placed DateOct 1 2007
Location???, OR
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 26 2012
Hike Distance?

Between 9 and 10 mile markers on East Evans Creek Road, you will find the head of Sprignet Creek Road. Graveled and dusty (in summer) you will be treated to some of the best views of both the eastern Evans Valley, with it's small ranches tucked in the mountains, and the Rogue Valley in the distant south. On a clear day, way in the distance, is the granite knob, known as Pilot Rock, which sits on the California border. You will also see both Upper, and Lower Table Rock.

The clues.

Stop as soon as you turn onto Sprignet Creek Road, to set your 'trip odometer'.

-At 1.85 miles, the road forks - stay RIGHT

-At approx. 2.8 miles, there is a wide spot in the road. Park here.

You will see two old dead trees, still standing. One is close to the road, the other, a little way out.

Walk from your car, back in the direction you came about 50 feet. There is a path to the left, (on the valley side)
take this path.

You will see the beautiful old dead tree. Make your way to it's base. On the south side of it's feet, under charred bark is your prize.

Remember to be careful, especially during fire season. This area had a 10,000 acre fire in 1987. Enjoy the beauty around you, and have fun!