A Texan in Little Sweden  LbNA # 35698

OwnerDaisy and Onslow    
Placed DateSep 23 2007
LocationLindsborg, KS
Found ByOldCoin (Attempted)
Last UpdateFeb 3 2014
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Nestled in the Smoky Valley region of north central Kansas, the community of Lindsborg was settled in 1869 by nearly one hundred Swedish immigrant pioneers. They initially emigrated from Sunnemo and the surrounding parishes of Värmland Province in Sweden. With much anticipation, the first Lindsborg Swedes came to America, framtidslandet, their land of the future. A strict adherence to the Lutheran faith and an abiding love of music were at the center of their existence, although many of them in the early days were farmers.

Many other of the Lindsborg founders were craftsmen, educators, musicians, and people of many talents. Their passion for things cultural extends into the present day and is evidenced by the large percentage of fine artists, well-educated people, and musicians who reside in Lindsborg, a community of approximately 3,200 individuals. The immigrants' and early developers' multi-faceted cultural interests became the basis for what has happened here over the past 130 years.

Directions to the letterbox from Business Route 81, heading north into Lindsborg:

From 81, turn left on Svensk Road. There is a one-lane bridge on Svensk Road that crosses the Smoky Hill River. Once you cross the river, Svensk Road turns into First Street. Immediately after you cross the bridge, park in one of the spaces along First Street or Mill Street and walk back over the bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn around and look back across the river at the Valkommen sign. Just on your left you will see a line of concrete posts with a steel cable running through them and a concrete wall. The letterbox is hidden between the first (nearest the bridge) post and the concrete embankment wall. Please re-hide well!

After finding the letterbox, you might want to spend time visiting the McPherson County Old Mill Museum adjacent to the bridge and parking area, shop in tiny downtown Lindsborg, or stop in at Bethany College. Presser Hall, on the campus, is one of the finest concert halls in the United States and is home to the annual Messiah Festival, currently in its 127th season.