Extra! Extra!  LbNA # 35741

Placed DateOct 4 2007
LocationBowling Green, KY
Found By A.Whim
Last Found Mar 17 2011
Hike Distance?

Gather up your Daily News and the young tyke.
Put those tennis shoes on and prepare for a hike,
You donít need a compass for this quest,
Just a stamp, inkpad, paper, and pen for the test.
Bring your curiosity too,
You will need it to follow the clue.

In Bowling Green, KY you will find,
A place where nature rules itís kind.
Make sure to do your research some,
You are looking for the park by the name of Crume.
Find the entrance behind the place,
That on Sunday people speak of grace.

To enter the park look for a gap,
At the entrance you will find a map.
You want to take the trail that smells sweet,
Be sure to wave at any hikers you may meet.

Carefully watch the signs, donít switch trails,
However, be sure to pay attention to what nature unveils.
Rest if you must, out of the sun,
Then pick yourself up, your journeyís just begun.

Follow the curves until you come to a sign, black,
Turn to the left and donít look back.
Then onto Maple stay straight,
A left or a right you do not make.

If you wish, rest next to the twine,
Then continue on to the next sign.
Now put your back to the sign and look straight forward with your eyes,
See the small wooded trail? It holds your prize.

Now the tricky part begins, walk to the edge of the trail unkempt,
Did you know a pace is two steps?
Count 7.5 paces in and look in to your right,
Under the logs at the base of the tree, youíll find your News delight!

Now take a minute to record your find,
Then re-hide well and leave nothing behind.