Buried Bones  LbNA # 35743

Placed DateOct 5 2007
LocationEllsworth, ME
Found By phynstar
Last Found Jul 7 2016
Hike Distance?

I checked this box on 05/25/08, all is good!

Located in Woodbine Graveyard on Washinton Junction Rd. in Ellsworth, Maine.

From the corner of Maine St./Washington Junction Rd and Rte. 1 go east on Washinton Junction Rd. (away from the downtown area)

***Buried Bones is a Bonus Box for our "Ghostly Graveyard" letterbox. You must first locate the Ghostly Graveyard box,(located in the same cemetery) and follow our clues from there.

1. Walk to the path in front of the “Hale” monument. Start walking right (west).

2. Walk past 4 “Smith” gravestones in a row. You’ll come to a double grave marker for the “Cunningham”s and cross the road in front of you.

3. Walk past the “Urann” plot and turn left on the road by the “Gray” gravestone.

4. Walk down the path and on your left you should pass 4 large monuments looking like Chess pieces all in a row.

5. Just past the 4th one, you’ll see a family spot with 5 people buried but the plot is conspicuously without a large monument in the center. Stand where the monument should be and look right (west).

6. From there you should see a small stone guardian watching over a grave for “Honor Elizabeth O‘Dowd Carney“. Walk over it.

7. From there, take the path to the right (west) into the lees kept part of the graveyard. Pass the large monument where Ann Stuart was buried in 1908, keep going down that path as it curves to the right (north).

8. Find another large monument reserving a spot for Elizabeth Corbett and Colin McKenzie, both born in the late 1800’s, but who have never been interred.

9. Behind the monument, locate the grave for Lorraine Denise Gray. Directly behind it you should see a small square stone with the name “Sheba” on it.

10. Walk 5 steps towards the main road (in the direction of where you came in) and at the base of two trees on the edge of a little ridge, you should find our bonus box!