The Princess Essentials Series  LbNA # 35753

Placed DateSep 30 2007
LocationPalm Coast, FL
Planted ByScreeching Dragons    
Found By Untouchables
Last Found Mar 9 2009
Hike Distance?

This is a series of five boxes located in the Princess Place Preserve. It is a great park near Palm Coast with a fascinating history. I made up the story for the boxes, of course, but the story of the true princess is quite interesting. If you would like to take a tour of the lodge, plan to arrive near 11, 1, or 3 o’clock.

When you get to the park, drive all the way to the end of the road and park in the lot. Walk along either path to the lodge.

BEWARE: The Witch's nasty pet bugs can still be found on the grounds of the lodge. You might want to prepare yourselves with a little magic spray or long pants and sleeves.

Princess Essentials Boxes

Princess Angelica lived happily in her lodge. She spent her days swimming in her pool or riding her horses. She attended many festive parties and was known far and wide for her kindness and beautiful smile.
One horrible day, she was visited by a wicked witch. The witch was jealous of the lovely princess. She threatened sweet Angelica and told her to be on guard. Angelica was unnerved by the witch’s visit. She hid all of her princess essentials on the grounds of her lodge. She then armed herself for a fight against the witch.
When the witch returned, Princess Angelica was ready. She used her Fairy Godmother’s magic to turn the witch into a warthog. She then had some local hunters catch the wicked warthog and ship her to a forest far, far away.
Unfortunately, the sweet princess hid her favorite belongings too well. She cannot find them now. She needs the help of some brave letterboxers to unravel the clues that lead to her princess essentials.

Princess Essentials #1

Find the historical marker that tells the true story of Princess Place. Face the water and the sign and then turn to your left. Walk along the road towards the stable. You will come to an intricately carved cypress behind the fence along the road. Go to the side of the tree that faces the stable. The first essential is in a nook in the tree about five feet up off the ground. It is hidden by some Spanish moss.

Princess Essentials #2

Walk to the place where Princess Angelica took her morning swim. Gaze upon the beauty of the creek. Turn to the left and walk to the tree that lost a fight with a Florida storm. Again face the water and gaze upon its beauty. Look on the ground to the right for the blackened branches of the brave tree. Princess Angelica hid her second essential under a palmetto frond and a burnt branch.

Princess Essentials #3

Walk to the front porch of the house. You might like to pause to peek in the windows or rock on the porch. Aren’t the porch columns cool? Walk back down to the water and turn right. Follow the water’s edge until you find a magical bridge. Cross the bridge and take a rest on the bench to your left. Gaze upon the beauty of Princess Angelica’s lodge, and then turn your attention to the tall Pine on your left. You will see a small cypress growing right next to it. The third essential is between these two trees.

Princess Essential #4

Cross back over the bridge to the mainland. Take a diagonal walk through the trees towards the lodge. You should find a large reddish rectangle on the lawn near the lodge. This is where Princess Angelica used to play tennis with her friends. Stand on the corner of the court nearest the bridge from which you just came. Face away from the house. Not too far away, you should see a warty oak that is friends with a sabal palm. Walk directly to the tree. You will find the fourth essential at the base of the tree beneath a pile of sticks and moss.

Princess Essential #5

Walk back to the lodge and do some more exploring. Then head down the driveway towards the parking lot (not the road to the livery). When you get to the ninth palm tree on the right, step off the road and walk diagonally to the large pine tree. Now take 18 steps to the large oak with the small palmetto next to it. Walk around the tree past the dead trunk. Look up into the hollow make by the three other trunks, and you will find the last essential beneath a pile of moss.