Outdoor Recreation Series - replanted  LbNA # 35758 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerlady slpa    
Placed DateSep 29 2007
LocationHinkley, ME
Found By autumnrose
Last Found Jun 4 2010
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Outdoor Recreation Series

This series was originally carved for the One for the History Books event in Skowhegan Maine. Fourteen different carvers from around the nation produced stamps to illustrate their favorite outdoor pastimes. The series was so popular at the event that I decided to re-hide it in a permanent location. I am absolutely thrilled with the new homes these boxes found. Even if you have previously found these stamps at the event, I hope you’ll visit them again on the Hinkley Trails. I promise you, the journey will be well worth it.

Your adventure begins at the L.C. Bates Museum in Hinkley, Maine. Trail parking is behind the museum. Beyond the picnic tables you’ll notice a large trail map and an interesting steel sculpture. To the left of these is the entrance to the trail. If the museum is open, you can obtain a trail map inside. It’s not necessary to have the map to find this series, but it might help at points.

The journey you take today is approximately 2.5 miles over fairly even ground. Children who can withstand the length of the hike will enjoy this trail. Unfortunately, strollers can not access most of the trails. Watch carefully for trail markers as parts of the trail are overgrown a bit.

Box #1

Backpacking - Teacup

Begin down the trail. You will come to an intersection fairly quickly, go straight through, down the main path. Many interesting things can be found along this trail. Keep your eyes open. Travel past the outdoor theater, the plant markers and several benches. After a short distance you will notice an unusual monument to Roosevelt on your right in a small clearing. After checking out this interesting piece of history, go back to the trail you were on and continue along, following the white blazes. At the intersection, travel straight ahead over the wooden bridge. A large piece of moss-covered granite will catch your eye as you travel. Box #1 is tucked underneath.

Box #2

Baseball - Kirbert

Continue on this trail. You will pass the entrance to Hennigar Trail on your left. Another odd structure catches your eye. This cement marker seems to have no purpose and you may stop and contemplate it’s origins before moving on. Stand on the trail facing the marker and the trees directly behind it. A single large-ish size tree stands straight ahead. Box #2 is hidden at the base of the tree. (Hint, this box is a very tiny lock-n-lock)

Box #3

Bicycling – Brandy

Backtrack to the Hennigar Trail. Follow Hennigar until it suddenly seems to stop at a large tree with two white and red blazes on it. Peek around the tree and you will see a small dilapidated bridge ahead. The trail picks up there. 13 steps from the end of this bridge are another blaze and a spooky multi trunk tree drooping over the trail. Box #3 is hidden under the roots toward the back side of this tree.

Box #4

Camping – Lady Slpa

Continue on to the end of the trail. You will be on Uncle Ed’s Road. Turn left on this wide trail. You will come to a Y in the road. Take the right hand trail. Your goal will come into view shortly. The Tenterden Tablets is a large structure, very hard to miss. Behind the monument is a small drop off. At the base of the drop off is a pile of fallen logs slowly being reclaimed by Mother Nature. In the end of this pile you will find Box #4.

Box #5

Canoeing - Giddy

You only need to travel a few yards farther to find the Sunrise Fireplace. You’ll definitely know it when you see it. Once the sense of awe wears off you can begin your search. Stand at the far left of the structure, peering into the trees, away from the trail. You should spy an old fallen log and a three trunk tree several paces in. Under the log, near the tree is box #5.

Box #6

Croquet - Heartwriter

Continue on the trail to a small clearing. To your left you will notice the Sunrise Entrance of Continental Trail. Pass through the entrance and begin down the trail. You will be travelling quite a distance on this leg of your journey. Travel over the tiny meandering trail until you reach a T. Take a left. You will pass white blazes and a newer looking footbridge. Suddenly you will come across several fallen cement columns along the trail. Stop at the first column and wonder at the destruction of Mother Nature and mankind. Glance to your right. Two columns lay close by. A bent bolt protrudes from the end of one. Around the back of this column is box #6. You will have to access the treasure from the non-bolt end of the column by walking a few steps up the trail. Stealth is key as there is a public entrance to the trails near by.

Box #7

Fishing – Lazy Letterboxer

Continue on the Continental trail past the public entrance and up the stone steps. The Bird Sanctuary lies directly ahead. Pass under the entrance to the sanctuary. To your left is a fallen log. Box #7 is under the log, on the side closest to the stone wall of the building.

Box #8

Golfing - Lundy

A short distance up the trail you shall see the Granite House. Standing at the back door of this house, peering into the tree line you’ll see an evergreen tree to the left with several boulders at its base. Box #8 is hidden in back, amongst the boulders and roots.

Box #9

Kayaking - Mainekokopellian

Follow the trail out into the open field. A tractor path will take you directly across the field to the Murray tablets. You may feel a bit like Rapunzel during this stop. Enjoy the view of the fields and the intersecting trails. The trail you need is barely visible from here. Stand at the front of the monument facing the field. At the tree line to your right you’ll notice a boulder. Past this boulder is Bowdoin Trail. Enter and follow the black and white blazes carefully. The trail meanders through the trees until you find yourself standing between the Tenterden Tablets and the Sunrise fireplace again. Take a left to follow the trail back into the small clearing you visited earlier. Look for two small wooden signs hanging in the tree straight ahead of you. One sign points you toward the continuation of Bowdoin trail on the right. Count 4 blazes. (There has been a report that the tree with the fourth white blaze on it has blown down. Look carefully for it.) Just past the fourth blaze are two large stumps. One is on the trail and one sits a couple steps back from the trail. At the second stump, look between the stump and the large piece of bark for box #9.

Box #10

Letterboxing - Nightwriter

Continue on Bowdoin Trail until you find yourself standing before the very large Bowdoin Boulder. The tree on the right has a large visible root system. The box is snuggled in near the base of the tree at the back.

Box #11

Sailing – Mainemom of 123family

Continue on the Bowdoin trail. Look for the signs overhead for direction. Travel until you enter a magical area with many blow downs around. As you enter this area the roots of one such blow down impede on the trail. From the roots, you will see two moss-covered fallen trees on the right. Box #11 is under the first tree at the end closest to the skinny birch tree.

Box #12

Snowshoeing – Orion

The trail continues on to a T. Take a right, following the signs to Bowdoin Circle. The water tower and a curved stone wall will come into view. Keep the water tower in mind as you get near to the wall. Walk to the left hand side of the structure and look over the wall, as if you were trying to spy the water tower through the trees. You will see a fallen log a few feet behind the wall. Look under the middle of this log for box #12.

Box #13

Sunbathing - Happydaze

Continue on the trail until it opens onto a field. Take a right and follow the field around to the side yard of a white house. Walk to the tarred road ahead. Take an immediate right. Passing between the brown building and the trees you will notice a small monument marking the entrance to Uncle Ed’s Road. Enter the trail here. Follow the trail until you come to an intersection. At the intersection take a left. You will pass through familiar territory for a short distance. Just after the bridge you come to another intersection in the trail. Turn left, following the green and white blazes to Site 4. Facing the sign a large hemlock tree stands to the right and a “peephole” is on the left. Peeking through the hole you shall see a small-ish hemlock with numerous stumps and fallen logs around the base. Behind this tree, close to the base is box #13.

Box #14

Whitewater Rafting - Scout

Continue on the trail. Climb the stone steps. Take an immediate left at the top of the stairs. You will enter Seton Fireplace – Black Wolf Seat. Sit on the top bench directly in front of the fireplace. To the right, look for a small two trunk tree and two boulders. Hidden amongst these boulders is box #14.

Follow the trail out into an open field. Take a right, following the tree line for a few feet. A small trail will appear on your right. Take this trail to the intersection. A left at the intersection will bring you back out to the museum and your vehicle.

Please let me know about your adventures on this trail. I had an amazing day planting this series. I hope you enjoy your journey just as much.