I left my heart in Crestline  LbNA # 35763 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 30 2007
CountySan Bernardino
LocationCrestline, CA
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Last EditedDec 30 2015


2 miles walk round trip
There could be snow in the winter

From Crestline, take State Hwy 138, northwest 1.5 miles, down to the Camp Seeley entrance road at mile marker 138 SBD 35.00. Turn left, then left again just outside the gate to Camp Seeley, and follow the narrow paved road to the end and park in the parking area on your right. There is a brown post with “4W07” painted on it. This marks the beginning of the trail.

Camp Seeley is where the new Disney “Parent Trap” movie was filmed. Several local Crestline youth were extras in the film.

Follow the trail that parallels the stream. At one point, the trail goes down close to the stream (don’t go down to the stream because you will lose the trail). The trail will go up a little and away from the stream. Continue to follow the trail until a point where it takes a sharp left turn and goes past an old cut tree stump on the left side of the trail. (At this point you may hear the seasonal waterfall.) Just before the left turn, look to the right and follow the small trail down the natural stone stairs. Find the large fallen oak tree, with branches in a “Y”. The left branch points to a large standing fir tree. On the downhill (north) side of the tree, find a point where a root and a large rock meet. Look under the rock, where it meets the root. The box is located underneath, hidden by bark and small rocks.

From this vantage point, you should look upstream, over the large rocks you are standing on, and see "Heart Rock". It's not really a rock, but a heart shaped hole in the rock across the stream from where you are standing.

If you return up the "stone steps" to the main trail, turn right onto the trail and you will come to two small ponds (when there is enough water.)