Dodge Bike Trail  LbNA # 35769

OwnerJunior Girl Scouts    
Placed DateOct 2 2007
LocationTwinsburg, OH
Found By ktitti
Last Found Oct 10 2011
Hike Distance?

Dodge Intermediate School is located at 10225 Ravenna Road in Twinsburg.
Pull to the right of Dodge Intermediate School and park near the pavilion. The bike path starts just to the right of the pavilion. Walk quickly past the 2 big tanks on the right. (It’s a waste-water treatment facility!) On the right you will see a wooden fence and a barbed wire fence. Just past the end of the fence, on the right, you will see the path. It is marked Kingfisher Corridor. Turn right here. Not too far up the path, on the left, you will see a wooden trail marker that is missing the arrow. Turn left here. Along the trail, on the left, you will pass a small clearing and a yellow pole. You will walk along the creek for a little while, and then the trail bends to the left. After the trail bends, on the right side, you will see a solitary tree that has no bark. Approximately 130-140 paces from the tree, on the right, the trail has a sort of bubble. It is a VERY SMALL curve up a LITTLE hill that forms a “D” with the trail. Go up this hill towards the big fallen tree. To the right of the fallen tree is a cluster of trees. It is here, under some twigs, that you will find our box with a red lid. To finish your hike you can either continue in the direction you were hiking until the trail meets the paved bike path and then turn left, or simply retrace your steps back to the bike path.