The Old Stone Church  LbNA # 35772

Placed DateOct 6 2007
LocationNew Straitsville, OH
Found By 5letterboxmusketeers
Last Found Apr 9 2012
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The famous "Old Stone Church" in southern Perry county is in deteriorating condition. The congregation dates back to 1825. The building that is now falling apart was built in 1839. even in its state today, one can tell the beauty that this little known landmark once held. It is sometimes called "St. Peters Church" however, to the locals it is better known as "The Old Stone Church". It is believed to have been designed by an architect named Timothy Fagan, who has three childre of whom all died on the same date, buried in the cemetary that is with the church. This stone church is now situated in the middle of Wayne National Forest. Little information was found on this historical site. The peaceful and historical background makes it a magical visit.

Clues and Directions
If you're leaving Robinsons Cave in New Straitsville, Ohio, turn left onto ST RT 93. When you pass the Pentacostal church on your right, veer right onto " Old Town Road". Follow the road to the top of the hill until it "T"'s off and then turn left. Continue to follow "Old Town Road" to the next "T" in the road and turn right. From the turn travel ".2" miles and turn left onto "Stone Church Hollow" (gravel road). Enjoy the scenic wilderness for "1.1" miles. Follow the path that takes you strait into the woods. DO NOT curve left and cross the bridge. As the trees part you will see the reamins of the old stone church. If you walk to the right you can see the rest of the remains of the old church and the old abandoned cemetary. Take a stroll and visit the long forgotten souls. The prize you seek is not far. At the far end of the cemetary, you will see a headstone broken and alone at the edge of the woods. Glance to the right to see a large old fallen tree in the edge of the forest. Search and search the old tree well. Your treasure awaits behind the stone.

Happy Boxing!!!!

P.S. Be sure to recover WELL and it is also a good place to take rubbings of very old headstones. Some date back to the early 1800's!!!
P.S.S. You need a rag and a stamp pad. PLEASE let us know if when you find this box this is the first of many we hope to place. THANKS!!!!!