North, South, East, West II (new stamp, new locati  LbNA # 35793

OwnerCF Boxers    
Placed DateOct 5 2007
LocationBettendorf, IA
Found By Dancin' Darlins
Last Found Nov 3 2007
Hike Distance?

During the summer of 2007, some changes occurred in Crow Creek Park that almost led to the distruction of the original North, South, East, West letterbox. We managed to save it, and it has now been relocated and contains a hand-carved stamp.

This letterbox was placed by a joint effort of local homeschool students in a Nature Study Group. Thanks to everyone who helped hide it!

Park in the Crow Creek Park parking lot nearest the lake. You should see a metal statue in that parking lot.

East of the statue is an overlook with benches. Once you get to the overlook, count the spindles and posts. Subtract 25 from that number and write it here _______.

Take the trail to the north and then veer east on the blacktop. Walk for awhile until you see yellow posts close to a birdhouse. Look around from the yellow posts for a bench.

From the southern edge of that bench, take the number of steps that you wrote above in a southwest direction.

You will see a chokeberry bush. Go 12 steps northwest into the woods. When you're going down to find the box, watch out for thorns.

Look for an arch shaped log on the ground. Under that, you will find the box.

Be advised, this is probably not the best letterbox to find in heavy snow cover and might have thick underbrush in the summer.

Our Nature Study group hopes you enjoy the hunt!