Boulder Graveyard  LbNA # 3580

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateApr 19 2003
LocationKuna, ID
Found By goldenoldie
Last Found Apr 23 2015
Hike Distance?

Alive and well as of 23 June 2005.

Placed by A-Bear

Level of Difficulty: Easy drive-by or 4 mile flat hike if you choose to walk to it.

Please read the waiver of responsibility and watch out for snakes (not that I saw any, but all the rocks seem like a snake’s haven).

Directions: From I84 take exit 44 south on route 69 for about 8 miles. Turn left onto Swan Falls Road and follow that road for about 21 miles. At the bottom of the hill turn right. When you come to a gravel road the letterbox will be about 2 miles ahead. So you can either park at the dam and walk to it or drive on the road that is not maintained, but still OK. You will drive between the Snake River on your left and the rock slides on your right. When you come to the sign stating there are only 2.5 miles remaining of road, continue a few yards ahead to the one parking spot on the right next to two large rocks.

As you travel north along the gravel road from the dam, you eventually spy the boulder graveyard up ahead. A few yards past the 2.5 miles of road remaining there are two large rocks on the right next to a place to park. At the bottom of the rock on the left is a U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey Bench Marker. Walk between these two rocks to the cracked boulder resting at 55 degrees. Traverse around its right side to spot the larger cracked boulder to its rear. The Boulder Graveyard letterbox hides in the crevice on the western end shielded by a flat rock.

On your way there or back find the Swan Falls Dam Letterbox