Lewis Morris  LbNA # 35801

Placed DateOct 1 2007
LocationMorristown, NJ
Found By JEDS
Last Found Jun 28 2008
Hike Distance?

Important update!!! (July 1, 2008) This box has been reported partially destroyed by wild beasts in the area. I expect to replant the box, with new clues, sometime this summer. If you would like to locate the remains, by all means, help yourself!

This box is in honor of Lewis Morris, the First Governor of New Jersey, in the park that bears his name, just west of Morristown, NJ.

The terrain for this hike is moderate.
It should take about an hour.

Enter Lewis Morris Park from the north entrance off of Mendham Road (Rt. 510). Bear right at the Y, and continue past the playing fields. Turn left into the Mendham Overlook parking area and park.

Find the beginning of the green trail, across the road. Go green, down the hill, across the stream. See the blue trail on your right, and follow for a short distance. You'll soon see the beginning of the orange trial to your left. Start down the orange trail.

Up the hill, and then back down the other side into a cool, dark valley. Cross the bridge, and bear left. After a short distance, the orange trail bears hard right, but continue on the green trail. Where's all the rocks? Not too many hiding places here!

Just after the bridge, the green trail turns left, now combined with the yellow trail. Follow green/yellow. In a bit you will see a tree on the left side of the trail with a yellow and green blaze. Looking 340 degrees, you'll see an interesting tree about 30 steps off the trail. Looks promising, eh?

After a little sojourn in the leaves, continue down the green/yellow, and finally down the green, back to your starting place.