Pooh's House  LbNA # 35804

Placed DateOct 7 2007
LocationGreenville, OH
Found ByVeggie&The Meateater (Attempted)
Last UpdateApr 20 2008
Hike Distance?

This was one of the best times of my life.
Staying in this place.

Clue 1

Start out at the fountain in the circle.
Looking down broadway.
go to first light.
turn left on east third street.
walk to second block.
look for a old cement wall.
now find the heart.
Henry and Ella are waiting on you.
Walk to the end of the wall.
look right and what do you see.

Clue 2
You can walk around it.
Don't forget to look down.

Pooh's House

Thanks to Nikki and her Faimly for her help in the Quest for Pooh's House..
you guys are great!!!!!!!!!