Where the Prairie Meets the Woodlands  LbNA # 35809

Placed DateOct 7 2007
LocationWadena, MN
Found By Gforce6
Last Found Aug 13 2011
Hike Distance?

Elevation 1,324 North 46° 26.876 West 95° 7.237

When the Northern Pacific Railroad crossed the country in 1872 a new town formed approximately 15 miles west of this spot and was given the name Wadena. Wadena is an Ojibwa word meaning “little round hill.” The town was later moved to its present location at the crossroads of Highway 10 and Highway 71 and is nestled in the heart of central Minnesota surrounded by numerous lakes and rivers.

To find this letterbox begin on the East side of Wadena on Highway 10. Look for the brown signs that mark the way to Sunnybrook Park. Turn North off Highway 10 and drive past the campground. Go until you come to a stop sign. Turn right onto Sunnybrook Road. You will see an entrance sign for Sunnybrook Park. Turn onto the entrance road into the park and continue to go straight, roughly North (you will pass two turns that you will not take). Go past the Rotary shelter and park under the huge oak tree by the red fence.

The letterbox is hidden about two tenths of a mile from where you will park along a gently rolling path showcasing both the prairie and the woodlands. Follow the trail behind the fence until you come to a fork. Take the left (west) most fork. You will know you are on the right trail if you immediately see a sign post with an orange reflector. Continue on that trail until you are told to stop. The bottom arrow on this traffic indicator will point you directly to a six sister oak tree. The letterbox is hidden in the heart of the sisters.

Please take care to hide the letterbox under the branches and leaves where you found it. Feel free to take a left on the bike trail to enjoy a lengthier round trip or simply backtrack. While at the park you could enjoy a round of Frisbee golf, see the small zoo, play at the playground or fish in the trout stocked Whiskey Creek.