The Old Burying Ground  LbNA # 35816

Placed DateOct 7 2007
LocationEllsworth, ME
Found By Punkmilgob
Last Found May 26 2014
Hike Distance?

From route 1 (from Bangor into Ellsworth) you can turn right onto State St. where the road forks just past the YMCA. If you miss your turn there, don't worry, go up about a mile to the major traffic light and turn right onto Main St. towards down town, then turn right again at the next light you see, onto State St.

Once on State St. just look for the very tall, white, steeple for the First Congrational United Church of Christ located between City Hall and the Moore School. Tucked in beside the church, you'll see a black iron fence and a small sign for "The old Burring Ground." Park in front along the street.

Walk inside the eternal gate
And see Ellsworth's residents of late.

On the left you have three graves fenced in,
Mary, Caroline, and John Chamberlin.

To the right you’ll see Melathiah Jordon who in 1818 saw the end of his life,
And who couldn’t live long with out him, interred in 1819 is Elizabeth Jordon, his lovely wife.

Walk straight down the gravel path until it stops.
See a large stone step in front of you and perch yourself atop.

Look right and see two small headstones leaning way back next to a tree.
If you look very closely, you’ll see they the both died in 1850.

At the end of that row you should see,
A tall headstone marking the resting spot of “Sara E.”
At the base of two trees forming a large “V”
Under sticks and leaves lies buried the box you need.

Happy Hunting!

*just a note, if you are seeking other letterboxes in the area, “Moose is Loose in Ellsworth #1 #2 & #3,” “Busy Reader Bee,” and "In honor of Men," and the “Union River Letterbox”, all by Queen Tiffana, are within a half mile of this box. “Pandora’s Peacock” letterbox located at Woodlawn in only a mile away. Also, “Ghostly Graveyard,” “Buried Bones,” “Skeleton Trail,” and “Birds of a Feather” (placed by us) are all within a four mile radius from here as well. “Bobo” letterbox you would have passed on your way into Ellsworth on Rt. 1. And “Spooky Tombstone” is three miles back from the first fork in the road by Sunrise Glass, turning off Rt. 1 onto 180. I hope this is useful information. Remember, “We’reallinthistogether”