Maine Hiking Letterbox  LbNA # 35819

OwnerRobin's Nest    
Placed DateOct 7 2007
LocationRome, ME
Found By Teacup
Last Found Sep 10 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is located along the Kennebec Highlands trail system. You can get a copy of the Trail Map and Guide from the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance (207-495-6039)

Find your way to the parking area for the Sanders Hill Loop, off of Watson Pond Road. Follow the main trail which begins to the left of the large information sign board. The entire trail loop measures 2.8 miles. You do not have to follow the entire trail to do this letterbox.

Follow the primary trail. You will come upon a few small clearing areas, one will have another trail heading off to the right, but stay on the main trail to the left. You will begin to venture up a slight incline. You will then enter a much larger clearing. When the trail first opens up, notice the four smal white pines to the right of the trail. Count about 8 paces (I have a short pace) further on the trail and into the clearing. Look into the woods to your left. Notice a very large boulder. Walk into the woods towards the left side of the boulder. A lot of brush has been dumped here so the ground can be soft and uneven.

Going along the left side of the boulder, notice the steep drop off behind it. Just before the drop off, notice the two smaller boulders supporting the larger one. There is a small tree sappling in front of the two smaller boulders. The box can be found at the base of the smaller, pointy boulder under some brush and two rocks.

Feel free to continue on the Sanders Hill Trail or return the way you came. While hiking the Kennebec Highlands, you might find it helpful to know there is another box (White Swan) planted in this same area/different trail. Another box is planted at the Round Top Trail. Another can be found at French's Mountain (Turkey Vultures). All trails have parking areas along Watson Pond Road.