Elk  LbNA # 3583

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateDec 30 2002
LocationJackson, WY
Found By 2princesses
Last Found Jun 27 2014
Hike Distance?


Thanks artTrecker for maintaining this box recently!! 6/1/09

Placed by A-Bear.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate including stairs. About 1 mile if you start at the Town Square.

Directions: From the Town Square in Jackson continue north on Cache St for several blocks. There is 2 hour free parking around the Town Square.

Elk Clues:
From “Jackson’s Square” continue north several blocks on Cache St to the Gallery Bear smothering the beavers tail. Meander over to where the Grizzly Bear and Elk mingle. Next to the lookout tower behind the building. Either walk around and up or through the building and up. From Wapiti find the next information sign at 60 degrees. Once on the Wildlife Observation Deck find the Flat Creek Marsh. Spot 330 degrees to the Cutthroat. 190 degrees from that fish take a football field’s length or more to the two swans (or were they Canadian gueese? I can't remember). 170 degrees for about 20 feet is a post. On the southeastern side under some rocks hides your “Elk.”

Please read the waiver of responsibility. Replace the rocks well to hide the Elk from poachers.