Awsome God  LbNA # 35866 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 3 2007
LocationOwensboro, KY
Planted ByCyprus    
Found By The Toadfrogs
Last Found Feb 9 2008
Hike Distance?


Yellow Creek Park
5710 Highway 144
Thruston, KY

Back in the Nature area of this park is a large metal bridge. You will have to park just outside of it (don’t drive over it!). Walk over the bridge and up the zigzagging ramp. Follow the red lookout trail until you come to the clearing for the lookout tower. There at the clearing you will find several stones. Come around to the front of them (so you are positioned between the rocks and the lookout tower) and notice the flat rock with the leaf pattern on it is resting on another rock. Reach under the front left side of this rock to find peace- box number 1.
After hiding it again, begin to go back the way you came. When you come to the trail signs again, take the white one- Pocahontas. Continue on this trail till you see her lovely picture and sit on the bench for a rest. Follow on down this trail which leads you along the creek and round the corner where the “Scientific Study” sign stands. Go past the crooked tree there immediately on the left- but not too far! Just a few steps and you will see a small dead hollow tree lying on the left side of the path. This is where you will find box number 2- Redemption- and you can leave your sins there at that old tree.
After hiding box 2, continue in the same direction you were heading before. There will be a fence along the way on your right. After it stops you will see a “stream management” sign. Across from this sign is a small bit of fence on your left at the foot of a hill. Take the path up the hill. When you reach the top take a left. You will come to a “y”. Stay to the left. You will come to a tree on the left with a sign that says “black cherry”. Just past it is a huge cut tree trunk with a large hole. Even if there are 5,000 with you today there will be enough to feed them all when you find box number 3- Icthus. You will need to walk around to the opposite side to find what you seek in the hole of this stump. (Watch out for the pokey plants!)
After you have put the last box back, if you continue on this path you will notice you will swing back by where we went to the first box and can go back out the way you came in.