Evel Knievel  LbNA # 3587

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateFeb 27 2003
LocationTwin Falls, ID
Found By Baqash
Last Found Aug 12 2010
Hike Distance?

Alive & well as of 24 March 2007!! Thanks!

Placed by A-Bear

Level of Difficulty: I think you might find this difficult because you must rely heavily on your compass as all the rocks look the same. Less than a ½ mile in a rocky area.

Directions: Travelling on I84 , take exit 173 and head south on State Highway 93. About 2 miles south of the interstate turn left/head east onto the Golf Course Road. There is a sign at the cattle guard identifying this area as the Snake River Rim Recreation Area. From the cattle guard drive 2.5 miles where you can park. This parking area is right before the paved road ends and a dirt road descends down to a private golf course.

Clues: Several years back Evel Knievel attempted to jump across the Snake River. He didn't make it, but this letterbox was left behind instead. From the gravel parking lot, begin at the trio power line poles. Head south on the dirt road due west of the poles. Find your way to Karen’s boulder ½ way between trio and twin power line poles. From the dirt road on the south side of Karen’s rock walk 12 paces at 120 degrees to the edge of the dirt road. Head off trail another 9 paces until you approach some rocks about 10 feet ahead. Across the canyon at 140 degrees looks like a restroom in a parking lot. Walk 10 paces towards the building, but you are not that close to the edge. Stop!! Align yourself at the spot with the twin poles at 250 degrees, the lone pole at 180 degrees and at 100 degrees you need the three white buildings on stilts down below. Nestled under a rock at this point is your Evel Knievel letterbox. Behind you rests a cove of more rocks. Enjoy the view of the falls minus the crowds on this side of the river.