Nisse Series  LbNA # 35883 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Doctors B    
Placed DateAug 28 2007
LocationDecorah, IA
Found By Tatanka1
Last Found Sep 21 2013
Hike Distance?

The Nisse are located in Dunning's Springs Park, Decorah, just off of Quarry St/Ice Cave Rd.

Once you find the park, pull into the drive and park at the lot. Please note that this uphill trail may not necessarily be child-friendly. Please be very cautious if you choose to allow your children on this trail.

Box #1:
-Take the trail uphill, away from the spring. (Not the wooden steps over the spring.)
-Go up, up, up, always veering right, crossing over roots and up over stones until you come to a point that overlooks the river and town.
-Once at the overlook, turn around to notice a shaggy-barked conifer in the woods.
-Box is on the downhill side of the tree, in the crotch. (This tree/box is AWAY from the cliff. Please do not go near the edge of the cliff.)

Box #2:
-Continue on aways, approximately 75 steps, until you see a huge shaggy-barked conifer on your right, entwined with a deciduous tree.
-At the base of where the two trees intersect, you will find the box, under some bark and debris.

Box #3:
-From the spot on the trail next to the intertwined trees, take a reading of approximately 325 degrees to a double-trunked, shaggy tree in the woods. The tree has one small and one larger trunk and is about 20 feet off of the path.
-Be very careful of your eyes as you go through the branches/brambles to get to this tree.
-The box is on the rear side of the tree, in a notch, covered with debris.

Box #4:
-Go back to the parking lot and work your way slightly uphill to the green picnic table on the hillside.
-Sitting in the middle of the table, take a reading of approximately 110 degrees to the left-most log, lying on the hillside. The uphill end/side of this log has a hollow opening.
-Box is inside the hollow opening, covered with debris. It may be a good idea to poke a stick inside to check for critters…
-Please re-hide well. This box could easily be seen by picnickers if not covered.
-Note: you shouldn’t need to do any climbing to get this box. If you think you need to climb, you are looking at the wrong log.