Sunny Day Letterboxes  LbNA # 35900 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 5 2007
LocationAshland, VA
Found By QOCMike
Last Found Apr 22 2008
Hike Distance?

Box #1 has been reported missing (April 4, 2009). Feel free to search for Box #2 in the meantime.

This friendly pair of letterboxes are hidden in Hanover Wayside Park. The park is about 4 miles north of I-295 on Route 301. It is on the right side of the road just after crossing the Kersey Creek Bridge. Follow the one-way entrance road to the right and park near the playground and picnic shelter.

Sunny day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get
How to get to…the first letterbox?

From the main picnic shelter, follow the yellow rope along the driveway back toward the park entrance. (For safety, be sure to stay on the inside of the rope!) As you walk you will see the back-sides of the traffic signs; continue until you get to the “15 mph” sign.

Once you reach the sign, turn to your left so you are facing into the park. Walk to the picnic table, pass Oscar’s trash can, go to the metal grill, and stop at the stone fireplace.

At the fireplace, turn to face Route 301. Ahead will be a large tree with a lighter-colored bark. It takes 25 adult paces to reach the tree – be sure to count like the Count as you walk over!

The tree is at the top of the embankment. Carefully walk down the slope to the landing. To the right is a large pile of leaves, but don’t jump in! The box is hidden among the roots of a tree near the leaves. Be sure to coo “hello” to my favorite pigeon Bernice!

Sunny Day #2

Make your way back up the hill to the light-barked tree. Follow the curve of the land to the right above the creek. As you walk, watch for the Twiddlebugs and Slimey the Worm. At the corner will be a tree with a large hollow; turn left so you are facing the picnic shelter.

As you walk toward the shelter, you will pass a different stone fireplace, a picnic table, Big Bird’s nest (a blue bird box – look up), and a pile of cut logs (look down).

Near the logs, look for a small pine tree with two larger trees nearby. The letter of the day is “B” – can you find me? Stand with your back to the "B", facing downhill. Halfway down the hill there is a large fallen tree with a
5-foot cut log in front of it. The letterbox is hidden between. If you listen carefully, you might hear my rubber duckie “squeak”!