The Oxbow Trail  LbNA # 35910 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 11 2007
LocationAshland, NE
Planted Bygvald    
Found By S and D
Last Found Oct 29 2008
Hike Distance?

Bring your frisbee!

Relax and play some disc golf.
When you get to the 8th hole, the hunt begins!

Just southwest of the sand volleyball courts,
on the banks of the mighty salt creek,
you'll hear the rushing water of the Saline Ford Crossing.
The little white sign says "Oxbow Trail."

You are transported back in time.
The year is 1850, and you are a pioneer heading west
to start a new life.

You follow the Oxbow trail, and here you stand at the banks
of Salt Creek.
You can just make out the natural limestone bridge that carried the weight of thousands of wagons.

Unfortunately, you cannot cross here--you must find another way.

Make your way along the bank to the north.
Notice the ancient elms and maples to the east.

If you still have your frisbee, take a shot at hole #8.
It's 1850 one-hundred years before the frisbee was born.

Continue north until you come to the grandfather of all the trees.
This weathered elm has seen better days.
Touch the tree and remember all the travelers who passed by its branches.
and long ago, when it was a sapling--
it witnessed a tragedy.

From here, you can see a grave marker across Silver Street.
Walk over and pay your respects to John McBride Belknap.

If you brought a fishing pole, locals say that if you walk
through the hole in the fence, down the bank, this is a good spot.

Now it's time to finish your journey and cross Salt Creek.
No! Not here!

Cross the street south to the sidewalk on the historic
Salt Creek Bridge.

Walk slowly across and look south to see
the natural stone bridge peeking above the rushing water.

When you come to the bridge support that rises to your right,
begin counting the vertical (not angled) I-beams.

you are now standing on the center of the bridge.
5-6 (nasty graffiti)
Look for the ox above your head.
Just west of the 7th beam and above your head
you'll find the letterb

While you're here, cross over the bridge
and read the story of the Oxbow Trail.

Then head into town to see beautiful, historic Ashland!