What Do You See? Box 1  LbNA # 35922

Placed DateOct 12 2007
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By MO UR4Me
Last Found May 20 2013
Hike Distance?

To find the starting location for this series, you must do a bit of research. Don’t worry. It’s none too hard, nor are the encryptions which you’ll need to work through.

Find the name of the classic children’s book this series is based on. Use the second word from the title and a classic key-word shift cipher to find the starting location which encrypted below.


Not certain how a classic key word shift cipher works? Have no fear! I explain it in the clue for ‘Will Work for Peace’ Letterbox. If reading it has your brain tied in knots, feel free to contact me for a different explanation.

Now that you have the starting location, you’ll need to do just a bit more decoding for each box. To decode each box, use the first word from each page. Take that word and count how many letters are in it. For example, Bob has three letters so use 3. Use this number and a simple Caesar code to decode your clues. Make sure to follow the book for each subsequent key number.

What’s a Caesar code you ask? Simply ‘bump’ the encoded letter backwards in the alphabet the number of places your key number gives you. For example, if Bob is your key word, it equals 3 so if your encrypted word is ZHVW, simply go back three letters for each. Z becomes W, H becomes E, V becomes S and…can you get the last one?

Here we go!

What Do You See? Box 1


Travel up the valley until you find a massive downed tree on the left which had blocked the trail until its top was removed. It will be just before the trail turns sharply to the right and begins an ascent. On the left of the trail, near the main trunk is a large piece separated from the tree. Stand on this piece and attain a bearing of 20°. Spot a large downed tree in the woods and go to its base. From the base travel 22 paces at 85°. You’ll find a cozy LB home in the base of a smallish tree with an irregular base. After you’ve said hello, return to the trail.

Please be discreet in your LB and prudent in your re-hideation. Only you can prevent improper re-hideation.

Please contact me after you've found this LB. Enjoy!