Flying Dolphin  LbNA # 35989 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDolphin Seeker    
Placed DateOct 14 2007
LocationAnnandale, VA
Found By paper trail
Last Found Sep 18 2008
Hike Distance?

Note: removed for repair

This letterbox is along a great walk that parallels Braddock Rd. The total length for going out and back is only about half a mile, but there is a pretty big hill along the way. The walk is along a nice shaded trail. Enjoy.

Letterbox #1:
Start at Canterbury Woods Park at the corner of Braddock Rd and Wakefield Chapel.

Leave the parking lot and turn left (toward Braddock Rd) at the sign marked "Ribbons of Green Protect Our Streams."

Continue until the trail reaches a "T" at the paved portion of the trail.

Turn right and go over the bridge.

Go up the trail through two sets of railings.

Stop when you come to a backwards sign with a bicycle on it.

Directly across from the sign is a big log. Behind the log under a few sticks is the first letterbox.

Letterbox #2:

Continue on the path and cross over Southhampton. Then go to the third telephone pole on the right.

After the telephone pole, count 55 steps. On the left is a pile of logs at the base of a tree. Letterbox #2 is behind the wood pile.