Picknic in the Park  LbNA # 36015 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 14 2007
LocationIrvine, CA
Planted ByHappy_Snowboarder    
Found By Lee & Nancy
Last Found Nov 24 2007
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Sorry, This Letterbox Is Currently Inactive

This is an easy letterbox to find and gives you a good tour of the Northwood Commutity Park A.K.A. Castle Park.
From the 5 going North: Exit on Jeffery and turn right. Keep going to Bryan and turn left. After Yale, make your first right into the Northwood Communtity Park (Castle Park) parking lot.
From the 5 going South: Exit Culver and turn left. Go to Bryan and turn right. After Westwood, make your first left into Northwood Commutity Park (Castle Park)

You will start your adventure at the picnic tables. Walk towards the blue and orange cylinder sculptures. Then walk down the hill to a set of benches under a blue and red canopy. Turn left and walk to the stairs. Go up the stairs and across the bridge. Note: Don't go down the set of stairs on the other side of the bridge. Turn right and go up more stairs to a lookout station.

Once at the lookout station turn left and go across the "Castle." Turn left and keep on going until a dead end. Go down the pole. Then make a right and go down the stairs. Go straight to the lamp post. Turn right and follow the cement and go past the restrooms and gatorade machine on your left, and stop at the man hole.

Turn left and walk 13 paces forward to a tree, take 1 step back. Face the building, and take 1 step forward to the wall. Under the 2nd row of bushes, burried with leaves is the letterbox.