Bouquetiere  LbNA # 36025 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 14 2007
CountySanta Cruz
LocationFelton, CA
Planted ByMiMe    
Found By mathhead
Last Found Mar 20 2009
Hike Distance?

NOTE: As of 6/10/08, this letterbox is currently missing.

Go to Henry Cowell Park in Felton.
Park outside the main entrance (with big, log sign) on Highway 9.
This entrance is the one closest to Graham Hill Road.
Walk into the park and cross the bridge.
After the bridge you will see a signpost directing you to the River Trail.
Take that trail and at the Y in the road turn right and go through the wooden fence.
Keep on going until you see a picnic area. Pass this picnic area until you come to another picnic area.
Go into that picnic area and find the water faucet.
Stand on the rocks in the wooden bin facing the faucet
Turn 90 degrees to your right and look for the big tree that has a hollow at the top.
Go to the base of the tree and squat down. The box you seek is staring at you!
When you’re finished put the box back in and cover with bark and leaves.
To get out, reverse directions.