Who Hung the Moon?  LbNA # 36055 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMichel LaBranche    
Placed DateOct 15 2007
LocationKnoxville, TN
Found By NanniPapawTo4
Last Found Feb 28 2008
Hike Distance?

In the infant town of Knoxville the houses are irregular and interspersed. It was county court day when I came. I saw men jesting, singing, and swearing; women yelling from doorways... Whiskey and peach brandy were cheap. The town was confused with a promiscuous throng of every denomination – Blanket-clad Indians, leather shirted woodsmen, gamblers, hard-eyed and vigilant. I stood aghast. My soul shrank back to hear the horrid oaths and dreadful indignities offered to the supreme governor of the universe…. There was what I never did see before on Sunday, dancing singing and playing of cards.
It was said by a gentleman of the neighborhood that the devil is grown so old that it renders him incapable of traveling and he has taken up in Knoxville and there hopes to spend the remaining part of his days….. as he believes he is among friends.
-a description of Knoxville,TN, James Weir, 1798

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Today is a good day for you, box seeker, for the Chief, one of those blanket-clad Indians and a Christian man, replied to the interpreter, “Tell them only the penitent may pass!”. So the hider, a God-fearing man himself, desirous of forever honoring his sweetheart who he thought "Hung the Moon", proceeded with his cronies to place his box. And now!… YOU!, 310 years later, are on a quest to find that very box! This day must truly be to you filled with joy and anticipation. To succeed, you must clear your mind and be alert. Above all, you must persevere. Now listen to me:

The Chief leaned to his right and shot an ochre arrow into the ground where the hider was to begin his trek and then drew two parallel lines in the dirt where the hider could go no further lest he face the wrath of the whistling pony.

Walking now, the hider passed by a crow’s nest, and shouted to his mates, “If you are not penitent to God’s house you must go. To receive absolution you must now row.”

Some of the mates dropped out at that point, but the penitent ones continued where they met the Princess so sleek and so fair. The Princess is often away on missions of good will, but that day her charms were bared to all as she bathed in the sparkling waters beside them. The Princess will favor you if when you pass, you smile and say, "whoo-whoo!"

You have come a mighty long way now, and at 360 degrees you can sit like Humpty Dumpty at the east end if you need rest. Try not to fall.

The men were tired and moonstruck as they thought of their sweethearts back at the fort, but fat chance they would have to try and run away to them now because they were all in the open and no place to hide.

Ahead was a misfit of opposite color and a very utilitarian location, for at that place the hider stood and leaned north and OVER to see a vision that he would meet a King with a crown. His name would be 'King Fe III'.

On the way he saw eight squared and four cubed.

After finding the King, the hider turned to his penitent men and said, “It is clear we can go no further lest we meet the whistling pony!” Let us rest at this fanny warmer, get on our knees, and raise our eyes up for inspiration”.

Unknown to the hider, the old Chief had inserted a leather medicine bag in the box made by his squaw before he left. It is just the right size for a clove of garlic or maybe the makin's for a joint. It is for you, first finder!