The Jolly Roger - Seven Seas Series 3/7  LbNA # 36058 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDrunken Wench    
Placed DateOct 15 2007
LocationShorewood, WI
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Well that was fast! This box is MISSING. the box was found but the contents were missing. I will post again when it is replaced. Sorry buckaneers!

Suggested attire: eye patch, head scarf

The Jolly Roger is in Hubbard Park in Shorewood. From the parking lot, go through the tunnel and down the hill to begin your hike.

Follow the sidewalk toward the brick pavilion and take the dirt path that deviates to the left toward a stone wall and a large dead tree. Go straight ahead and downstream for a long distance.

The path opens to a clearing. On the opposite side you will see a large bowl. From the tree that stands directly between the end of the path and the bowl, take a trail toward the river at a bearing of 230*. Follow the path down and toward the river. As the path bottoms out, go straight, not right.

Follow the path back up the hill and do not deviate. At the top you will have a choice to return to the main path or go down the steep hill. Follow the path straight toward the river.

Continue downstream a short distance until you see a large tree on your right at an area close to the river with many rocks. If you get to a second boulder on your left, you've gone too far.

Find a large tree that forms a triangle with a natural arch and a fallen tree that continues to grow. Look in the water side of the large tree for the Jolly Roger.