Tahquitz Peak Look Out  LbNA # 36075

Placed DateSep 15 2007
LocationIdyllwild, CA
Planted ByTeakarr    
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This is not wheelchair accessable! This box sits at almost 10,000 feet above sea level. It is 4 miles at a 3,000 foot climb in elevation difference. It takes at least 2 hours to reach the look out. If you want a fun week end finding this box, (and it's really not about the box as it is the adventure!) pick a big moon nite, a few days before a full moon is good. Pack an overnite pack and hike on up to Tahquitz peak. You are free to pitch a tent any where on the top. Sign in for a free permit at the forestry dept in Idyllwild and a $5 adventure pass. There are 2 ways up, Humber Park or South Ridge Trail. Both are the same length pretty much. Upon entering Idyllwild from west 243 (highway 79 to 243)
there are brown signs directing the way to S. Ridge trail. Humber Park or commonly called Devil's slide trail, There are green signs in the city center directing you to Fern Valley to Humber Park. Yes, you can take along the dog on a leash.
This is a historical look out manned since 1936 to 1993. Reopened in 1998 by volunteers and still maintained by volunteers. Myself included. It is a wooden 14'x14' cabin as a fire look out for the San Bernardino forest and surrounding areas. From the top you will be able to see the Saltine Sea east to the Ortega mountains in the west. On a really clear day like maybe in Feb or during Santa Ana winds when fog is evaporated and humidity is in the teens you can even see Cantalina Islands. In California Hiking this trail is a 10.
So you have actually reached the look out tower. Congradulations! Now the box. And remember it is not about the stamp because this is my first stamp and if I get better I'll replace it with better. Standing at the bottom step of the tower direct yourself at 290 degrees. A boulder with a chain attached. Follow the chain to a steel post. Even in the snow you should be able to find this. Under rocks and debis is the LB. PLEASE REPLACE WITH SMALLER ROCKS, DEBRIS AND LARGE ROCKS. Scouts hike to the look out frequently andif not thouroughly hidden...... well, your box could go missing!
Have a nice weekend.