Four-Star Grandkids  LbNA # 36079 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 15 2007
LocationRidgewood/Paramus, NJ
Planted ByWhite Wings    
Found By The Pakrat
Last Found Aug 14 2010
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This is a series of four letterboxes, each one honoring one of our four grandchildren. The boxes have been planted along the Saddle River Pathway which begins at the Saddle River County Park, the Duck Pond area. The walk is 1.3 miles each way – out and back. But don’t stop there! At several points along the six-mile trail, you’ll find wonderful things to do . . . playgrounds, picnic areas, ponds, a stream, a waterfall, biking, and so much more. Enjoy finding the letterboxes, but if you can, set aside some extra time to enjoy this amazing park.

The Saddle River County Park is in Ridgewood near the Paramus border on East Ridgewood Avenue between Paramus Road and North Pleasant Avenue. The entrance to the park is directly across from the Boiling Springs Savings Bank. Follow the road all away around the Duck Pond (pass Camp Sunshine, the playground, the dog park, and picnic areas) until you find the parking lot directly across from Area D. Park there.

You’ll find the letterboxes along the Saddle River Pathway, a paved walking and biking path. We love this path . . . we often take long walks along here. Pick up the Pathway at the end of the parking lot nearest to Ridgewood Avenue. You’ll need the Pathway’s markers every tenth of a mile. Now . . . you’re off!


Box #1 . . . “A is for Aidan”
Aidan is our youngest grandchild, a very happy and active little boy who, at 13 months, loves life, especially his newest skill . . . walking! This letterbox is for Aidan!

Follow the Pathway until you reach the .5 mile marker. On the left – the stream side – you’ll find a bench by an overgrown tree. At the back of the tree and at ground level, the trunk and roots make a funny-shaped niche. In that niche and covered with sticks, bark, and leaves, you’ll find Aidan’s box. You can sit on the bench to stamp your logbook. Remember to cover the box back up when you return it to its spot.

Box #2 . . . “A is for Annie”
Annie, now 8 years old, is a delightful young lady with many interests. Close to the top is her love of animals: dogs, horses, and especially cats. This one is for Annie!

Continue along the Pathway until you find the .8 mile marker. Count 10 steps (right – one, left – two, right – three, etc.) beyond the marker to where the path bends sharply to the left. On the left near the stream, you’ll find a medium-sized “Mommy” tree with two “baby” trees, all three clumped right together. Wedged between the three trunks at the base with bark, sticks, and leaves to hide it is Annie’s box. Be sure to cover it up well when you’re done.

Box #3 . . . “C is for Caylin”
Caylin is a junior in high school – she’s fun, funny, kind, and beautiful. Serious about her schoolwork, she’s also a graceful figure skater. This one is for Caylin!

Keep walking along the Pathway until you reach the 1.1 mile marker. Take 15 steps (count the same way you did with Annie’s) BACKWARDS from the marker until you find a marvelous, old, three-trunked tree on the left of the Pathway. Behind the tree and covered with leaves, sticks, and bark, you’ll find Caylin’s box. When you’re finished, rehide it well.

Box #4 . . . “Y is for Yahn”
Yahn, our oldest grandchild and a senior in high school, is lots of fun and so sweet with his grandparents. He’s tall, strong, athletic, and lifts weights. This one is for Yahn!

Proceed along the Pathway until you reach the 1.3 mile marker where you’ll also find a call box. Turn right off the path to a sign that says “Grove Park – White Trail.” As you start down that trail, you’ll see (almost right away) a large, white-trunked tree nearby on your right. The tree has lots of names carved into the trunk. In one of the niches made by the roots at the back of the tree, you’ll find Yahn’s box under a pile of rocks.

Now you’ve found all four boxes, and our grandchildren are glad you’ve visited with them! You can now head back along the Pathway the way you came to enjoy the Duck Pond, or proceed for another half-mile to a bridge. At the “T” once you’ve crossed the bridge, follow the Pathway and you’ll find playgrounds in both directions and more wonderful spots to enjoy. Have a great time!